Service-Nivana-memorial-centerNirvana Asia LTD (Company No. 245788) (“Nirvana”) is one of the largest death care service provider in Asia in terms of contract sales, revenue and land bank, which is defined as land we own or manage that is intended for sale as burial plots, in 2013, according to Frost & Sullivan.*
The professional team of Nirvana has earned the goodwill as a role model for their diligence and dedication. Their tireless efforts paid off handsomely as affirmed by the accolades won by the group.

We have earned numerous awards and recognitions over the years, such as “Asia’s Outstanding Brand in Funeral Services Industry” and “Asia’s Outstanding Award in Multi National Expansion” at the 2012 Asian Funeral Exhibition (AFE) Awards.*


Our vision is to be a caring and responsible organization, We are committed to providing quality service to clients with personal care and attention.


To demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism while assisting clients and their family members at the pivotal times of their lives.

To exercise our responsibility as industry leader by setting high standard of services , safety and fair business practices.

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富贵集团企业简介 富贵集团是亚洲最大规模的的殡葬公司,同时也是全世界最大规模的华人私营化风景墓园—士毛月富贵山庄的发展机构。

富贵集团总部-300x110富贵集团作为本邦殡葬行业的先驱,富贵集团提供一流素质的服务与关怀,确保客户心无牵挂、享受人生。在主家悲伤的时刻,提供高度专业,最为细心、周全及有口皆碑的一站式殡仪、土葬与火葬服务,确保主家安心与无后顾之忧。 富贵集团属下有3家主要的营运公司,即富贵山庄有限公司管理旗下的富贵山庄风景墓园,富贵关怀有限公司管理富贵纪念馆与殡仪服务;富贵开发有限公司则负责总行与分行市场、业务以及代理事项的一切营运活动。


富贵集团 的专业服务队伍,为全国客户提供殡葬、追思与火葬的服务。作为本行业的成功楷模,我们荣获了无数的奖项,这些成就,推动了本企业的扩充与成长。如今,我们 的服务中心已遍及雪兰莪士毛月、莎亚南、沙巴亚庇、砂拉越古晋、诗巫、柔佛昔加末、古来,以及印尼雅加达,成为国际殡葬企业。与此同时,我们也分别在吉隆 坡与新山设立了五星级的现代化纪念馆,并在莎亚南及新山兴建高科技环保火化场,以确保客户能心无牵挂的享受人生,体现我们关怀备至的企业文化。

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